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Here's What Our Patients are Saying


Robin G.

I have tears in my eyes from how grateful I am to Dr Ron Rubin. 
I am petrified of surgery and needles. Dr Ron has such a sweet, caring demeanor & gentle touch. 
He removed a lesion from my mouth. The process exceeded my expectations, quick with no pain. 
I love Dr Rubin very much. 
Thank you! 

Ellen G.

Unfortunately for me, my dentist informed me that I had to have my tooth extracted. 
Thank God I was referred to Dr. Ron Rubin. 
Along with his amazing nurse Carol, they made me feel at ease.. Five (5) stars for sure-  great surgery without any pain. Thank you Dr. Rubin & team. 

Jim G.

Dr Rubin –
Thank you for your quick and responsive approach to my emergency tooth dilemma. 
Your office gave me an immediate same day appointment and the whole
process was quick and painless. 
I would highly recommend your office for any extractions or implants. 

John C.

I came to Dr. Rubin to have two teeth removed. I was not looking forward to it- but it turned out to be a pleasant experience. Quick and Painless.
Luisa, Carol & Dr. Rubin are very professional and care about their patients. 
This is my best experience in a surgical office since I arrived in Boca from Connecticut over 12 years ago. 


Dear Dr. Rubin 
Thank you for removing the lesion from my bottom gum. 
It was quick and pain-free. Blessings – Alberta 
A Happy Patient 

Isabella B.

Dear Dr. Rubin:
Thank you for your excellent care in extracting my wisdom teeth. I truly appreciate you, Carol & Louisa 
Best Wishes- Isabella B.